is Jessica Simpson having our baby?
her stomach has your eyes
and my toes. What’s so weird

is how did they get there!
one thing, sweets, is she a thief?
to make such child’s play of our love
we promised each other

no one would have our baby
except for you. That baby is ours.
one thing we can know
is that there are some hurt feelings

one night I walked
two blocks in the dark rain
thinking about big pharma
and jess simpson

but I came back, honbear
and we made little pharma
like in the French films
we should have made two little pharmas. What was I thinking.

pack a day says she’s not you
that the jury saves our love
packs us into marriage rehab
and you get a kid in the offing

but maybe you are Jess Simpson
resting your belly on the Elle bar
telling me about my sons and daughters
outnumbering the sand on the seashore


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