Early Pug

She says I picked you up but the second day you
You had lost one of your fingers in a cutting board accident
After that I dreamed about gold thimbles for a week

 Its what started. Its how that started.

 May uncle Katherine bless our endeavor sweetest child
Because you are not without verve or shotguns
Which qualities he possessed in full measure, as a man will.

 Roger was an alchemist. He made his pages into smoke
He made the smoke gold errant knights
He cut down uncle Katherine. He left a message on the thorn
Of a white rose bush:

 Embalm that old bastard in the juice of the pale petals of this rose bush
Because, let us face it…

 The rest of that note is too obscure for the telling. Johnson, another flagon.
Pendragons  cooking on the ballpoint spits of the hall fires.
I had a pug and she says I’ll pick you up for the pug’s company
A woman’s way, by the mass. Marry, a woman’s way.

 We took to the field in our squadrons
I cannot smell wet earth without seeing blood
In the mind of my eyes and nose. hands shake,
Drenched, drenching.  The anticipation of revels is uncle Jackson
With his face in the crystals. Draw, my thought
Draw, be bloody or be nothing worth. Draw, pendragons.
Draw, fast hands, six shooters.

 How in an hour cousin Vicky laid waste thirty horse
How James strung their guts on his fretboard,
Plagues, I whispered in the moonlight, plagues
When the rain falls, plagues, in the hayloft,
In the black Mercedes, plagues. 

And then I cut my finger off with a knife I bought at Target.
Is that justice, Ferdinand. Is that justice, I ask her.
She says: where is your pug? Where is your little pug? 


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