Good Brew, extend it

Dark sap of the world-tree
Thick blood of my heart’s heart
Purifier of my lowest bowels
Sweet sweat of my concentrate reason
Let your sable juice enact truth
Proclaim sustenance to morning
Sustain the razor edge of thought
Quake the boughs of night in wakeful storm
Palpitate my synapse, shake my legs


Good brew, extend it, dark energy
Black hole of alert gravity
Suck the light of reason into my soul
Let my heart dance eternal quadrilles
With the acuity of 1000 Brahmins

Your catholic congregation
Huddles in your temples
Be the fuse, powder, powder keg,
Explosion, spark, flame
Ignite the sleep we bring
In its ash plant a bean of wakefulness

May the steam of espresso
Be the sparks of outrageous voltage
Good grounds of remembrance
Your sacrifice becomes our noble hope
Brawny elixir. Ebon alchemy.


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