Haiku: Five Desires

1. Newbury Street

We shop for shirts, rings,
half aware it’s we who’re in
and out of season.

2. Thirst

Vermeer’s plump milkmaid,
white as the cream she’s pouring.
In dreams, she gulps it.

3. Make-Out Bench

June. The Tennessee
wading a thicket of stars.
Her skin. Fresh coffee.

4. Flaneur

Walter Benjamin
paced his narrow library
looking for arcades.

5. Travel

That globed, rising light–
was it the moon, or a sign
over the highway?

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About A. Miller

ALEX MILLER JR. is a staff writer for The Curator and the co-author of A Bow From My Shadow, a collection of poems written in dialogue with Luke Irwin. His essays and poems have appeared in The Conversation, Transpositions, Pif, The Curator, The Denver Syntax, Lake Effect, and ken*again. He is an adjunct professor of Western literature at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass., and high school English and Rhetoric teacher. He lives in Beverly, Mass. You can follow him on Twitter: @miller_jr.

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