New Review of the Chapbook

Salem, MA’s North Shore Art*Throb reviews A Bow from My Shadow. Read how Luke Irwin’s poetry “cuts the tapestry” of Alex Miller’s:


The Priests in the Trees

The priests in the trees
have changed their robes,
their yellow
substantiating earth,

to the brutal temple
of the woods have
brought back gold,
lit the branches’ tips.

In wind the sticks
have conclave
debating the
splintered month,

at last issue
a crown jeweled
with cardinals
whose gold melts

through the rusting dark.
The priests of
render God’s voice

in blood colors,
shear down the veil
that parses hung lofty
from earth-bound,

to the undone temples
of a copse have brought
back music,
frozen the cardinal’s heart.

Author’s Reception

Announcement: An author’s reception and reading of A Bow From My Shadow will be taking place Saturday, November 30, 2013 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM, Asheville, NC. Alex Miller of Third Cardinal (and Luke Irwin by webcast) will be reading from their newly released collection. Space is limited–contact the authors for more details. 




The Curator’s Seth Morgan reviews A Bow From My Shadow, the new collection of poetry from Third Cardinal’s authors.

The Book is Out!

The poets of Third Cardinal are proud to announce the release of A Bow From My Shadow, a collection of poems in dialogue from Ecco Qua Press. Generous customer reviews are already starting to appear. We thank all our readers here for their support and attention, and ask that if you have enjoyed our writing these last few years, you will invest in this richly printed little book.


At Castle Neck

A wave’s white flag unfurls against the headland.
We’re pleased with summer’s long foreseen surrender;
hot noons betrayed by maples fringing umber,
horny insects dying in the wetlands.
You told me victory can read as loss—
The pale moths of our days mating in long
grass until their sailcloth bodies fall
apart. That will be the way we gloss
a season. The way I’d name your legs
laid down together dawn horizon,
or you my beard a tangle of black weeds.
For both of us, the ocean’s tannin dregs
will mean September. But you? I won’t rely on
Proserpine’s name to frame you. Of frames you have no need.


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