At Castle Neck

A wave’s white flag unfurls against the headland.
We’re pleased with summer’s long foreseen surrender;
hot noons betrayed by maples fringing umber,
horny insects dying in the wetlands.
You told me victory can read as loss—
The pale moths of our days mating in long
grass until their sailcloth bodies fall
apart. That will be the way we gloss
a season. The way I’d name your legs
laid down together dawn horizon,
or you my beard a tangle of black weeds.
For both of us, the ocean’s tannin dregs
will mean September. But you? I won’t rely on
Proserpine’s name to frame you. Of frames you have no need.


Proust Ghost

We step into Hopper’s Rooms by the Sea. Proust’s ghost passes through the wall and whispers: “The person with whom we are in love is to be recognized only by the intensity of the pain we that we suffer.” Then everything is “kisses four” and “elfin grot” until we wake up to watch the rockets in Whistler’s Nocturne in Black and Gold.